Shark cage Diving

Frequently asked questions

What should I bring with me?
  • Polaroid sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • A hat
  • Sea sickness tablets, if you are prone to getting seasick.
  • Swimwear if you are planing on going into the cage
Do we get wet?

Yes, so we encourage you to bring warm clothing with you.

What can I do to avoid getting sea-sick?

You can purchase sea-sick tablets from any pharmacy around the country. We also advise you to avoid drinking alcahol the previous night before your trip.

Do we require a license or diving experience?

No, diving or swimming experience is not needed. The cage is attached to the boat at all times and you will always be at arms length of the crew.

Can I bring alcohol on the boat?

No. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on our vessel. Alcohol is probably the best sea-sickness inducer, and we would recommend that you severely reduce your alcohol intake the night before your excursion to avoid falling sick on the boat and spoiling your trip.

Do I have to bring my own diving equipment?

No, we supply everything, including towels but you are welcome to bring your own.

Do you offer a video of our tour?

Yes, it costs R300. We only accept cash so bring some cash if you would like a video of your trip.

Shark Cage Diving Tours & Private Charters

Our vessel is a 12 metre long and 4 metre wide catamaran which we specifically designed for shark cage diving and viewing.

The high season starts around mid February with our best months being March through to September.

You will need at least an Open Water One diving qualification to dive on scuba in the cage. Scuba divers are required to produce their in date dive card. Unqualified divers may breath hold or snorkel in the cage. Your own safety is our concern and surface viewing from the boat is truly spectacular as the Great White is a surface feeder.

The cage is a floating, drifting cage. Four divers enter the cage at any one time. A fifth person can be accommodated, however we prefer to allow the diver comfortable space to move freely. Scuba is available on request and is only given to qualified divers.

Our tours depart twice daily off-season (May-October), and up to three times daily in-season (November-April). The duration of the trip will be approximately 3,5 hours on sea.

What to bring : warm jacket, sun glasses, peaked cap, towel, costume, sun block, comfortable shoes, a change of clothing & cameras (we do stock disposable underwater cameras at reasonable prices). Should you be prone to sea sickness then we recommend that you speak to a pharmacist who can prescribe Sea Sick tablets, which are usually taken 2 hours before the tour. No diving gear necessary except prescription masks if necessary.

We are the passionate pioneers in the industry and stand out miles from our competitors. We take out small groups and depart twice daily for your convenience. We offer silver service and UNLIMITED, quality cage dive time. We offer a full educational on the Great White so that you come away learning about this awesome, apex predator. We do not harm or feed the sharks on our tours. Our motto says it all “We Care, Protect and Educate”.

Your safety is always our priority. We hope to see you soon on the boat and in the cage.

Blue & Mako Freediving

More Info

Price: R 5000
Min 10 pax Max 12 pax
Departure: 06:00 to 08:00
Trip Duration: 9 hrs ±

We supply:

Diving Equipment.
Scuba Equipment.
Coffee, tea and water.
Assorted rolls.
Refreshments for sale.
Requirements: Open water 1 diving qualification.

Full gear rental R650.00 per person per day
Second Dive R150.00 for second air cylinder rental

NB It is recommended that divers bring their own fins and mask.


Join Majestic Cruising on an adventure to film and dive with the majestic Blue and Mako sharks in Hermanus, the deep blue warm waters 35 to 40 nautical miles off Hermanus. Diving with scuba, drifting in the currents and freely swimming with these awesome sharks.

About your dive expedition.

Dive season: all year weather permitting

Dive location: we depart from the Hermanus harbour and steam off to the channel approximately 40 nautical miles.

Dive itinery: we meet at 7 am and a shore briefing will be given. We will depart at 7.30 sharp and head for the blue water. We will arrive around 10 am and begin chumming to attract the sharks. A further dive briefing will be given and diving will commence. We will return around 4.30/5pm

Dive gear: please bring your sun screen, warm clothing, cameras and hats. Our boat has showers on board both indoor and out on deck. It is preferable to bring your own wet suit, fins, mask. We will provide cylinders, weights and towels. We do have sets of gear for hire at R500.00 per set.

Certification: Open water one and NB, proof of qualification has to be brought with on booking or emailed to us.

Clothing: Our branded clothing and curios will be for sale on board the vessel.
Transport can be arranged at an extra cost
Accomodation can be arranged at an extra cost for your Blue and Mako Shark Dive

The Experience:

Divers will enjoy the Blue’s and Mako’s in their natural environment whilst you drift dive off the back of our vessel. These sharks are very inquisitive and will surround you on your dive. Apart from seeing the sharks, you will also see a vast number of sea bird species, penguins, seals, dolphins and maybe even some game fish. This dive is great for all age divers with minimum open water one certificate.

On the Blue and Mako Shark Diving tour you may watch videos of our other Great White Dives or just relax, play back gammon or chat to your fellow divers. Coffee/tea/soft drinks will be served along with some light snax. From our top deck  receive a pair of binoculars and enjoy the marine bird life.

Arriving at the dive site the water will be indingo blue with temperatures ranging from 16 degrees to 18 degrees. A further safety briefing will be given and all divers will commence kit up.A certified Dive Instructor will guide the dive from here, whilst another Dive instructor will be in the water on a rubber tendor duck which will be above the divers at all times. This is an added safety pre caution taken by ourselves.

Once the dive is over, Hot milo and soup and freshly baked bread will be ready on the boat.

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