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You might be wondering – WHY cage dive with us? So we will give you the background story of how it all started for Sharklady Adventures in the early 90s…

Kim Maclean has been operating since 1992. We have managed to stay in business for over 30 years now! We have a 100% safety record.  She was involved with extensive research programmes with Great Whites, and was one of the first to tag Great Whites in South Africa.

Sharklady Adventures was founded by Kim ‘Sharklady’ Maclean in 2001 with her passion for Great White Sharks and her dedication to care, protect and educate people about them. The company has thus always initiated and participated in educational and conservation projects within the community, even launching regular community ocean clean-up projects.

2011 was an iconic year for Sharklady Adventures and the shark cage diving industry. The first permanent official 5 year permits were issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs. Previously permits were allocated according to an exemption system from year to year. The industry has grown into a professional industry and collectively established the Great White Shark Protection Foundation. Kim is the Chairperson of the foundation and has a direct communication with the Government representing the industry and research issues.

Sharklady Adventures is proud to be a part of this caged dive industry and looks forward to another 30+ years of dedication to the Great White Sharks in South Africa. So come cage dive with us for an unforgettable experience!


Sharklady Adventures are committed to being a responsible and eco-friendly operation. Our cage dive trips are small, exclusive, and educational. This means that the trip is more informative AND guests have more time in the cage.

We offer cage diving & surface viewing trips twice daily. Surface viewing for non-divers is excellent from the boat. No diving experience necessary for breath hold diving. Light breakfast snack and light lunch included. All diving equipment supplied. Tour is between 3 – 4 hours (including safety briefing).

Sharklady Adventures crew are all well trained and experienced on the sea, and qualified.

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Responsible & Eco-friendly

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Kim Maclean


In life, we come across many different people during our journey. We are after all, different threads interwoven in the fabric of life. Yet sometimes, just sometimes…we have the good fortune of meeting someone extraordinary. 

Someone whose passion, dedication and beliefs set them apart, someone who strives tirelessly to educate and create awareness of creatures who cannot speak for themselves. Someone who has made a difference to the lives of a much maligned and misunderstood animal, the great white shark, and has dedicated her life to changing misconceptions and garnering respect for this beautiful apex predator…

That someone is the Sharklady, Kim Maclean.
The towns of the Gansbaai, Kleinbaai and Hermanus and the marine creatures swimming in the waters off their coast are very fortunate to have her in their midst.

Kim Maclean, the Sharklady, has been passionate about sharks and other marine creatures since a very early age. After matriculating at Cape Town High School in 1978, Kim applied to the Department of Sea Fisheries and was accepted as a technical assistant in various sections including demersal, pelagic and southern oceans.


Margaret first met Sharklady Kim Maclean within a few months of arriving at a boat trade show in Cape Town and did her first of many Great White Shark cage diving trips with Kim soon after. Margaret worked closely with Kim and Sharklady Adventures on a consulting basis getting more involved with the Shark business. A few years ago she became the Sales and Marketing Manager for Sharklady Adventures and is a company share holder.

Marketing Manager


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Sharklady Adventures has been 30 years in business