Shark cage diving is an awesome experience that definitely needs to be on your bucket list! However, for first-timers the thought of getting close to the most magnificent apex predator can be a little daunting. It’s normal to worry and have mixed emotions about this experience. Here we’ll be addressing five major concerns that most people have before coming for cage diving for the first time.

I’m not a good swimmer, is it possible to shark dive?

Cage diving is totally different from free diving or open water scuba because you’re in a cage, which means you’re in a fixed position and you don’t need to be able to swim at all to do cage diving because no swimming is involved! Did you know that you’re never fully submerged at all while in the cage? You just need to pop your head under water as the sharks pass by!

What if the cage opens whilst underwater?

This is sure never to happen because our cages are made from 12mm steel is fully galvanised. They are checked daily before and after each tour and we have an engineering clearance certificate on all of them. The cages only open at the top, where you enter it, and is always securely attached to our boat.

Can sharks attack the cage?

Shark dives are done using a strong metal cage and it is not in the nature of sharks to attack the cage. They may be intimidating but they’re actually quite docile, it’s a little curious about us watching them!

When is the best time to go shark diving?

The sharks are there all year round, but the best time is during the high season, which starts around mid-February with our best months being March through to September. But, even during the low seasons sharks are still seen in big numbers.

What happens in an event of an accident?

We always prepare for such incidents. We carry oxygen on board, all crew members are qualified in CPR management and we have a media flow chart on board in case of an emergency. Our vessel also carries all the latest safety equipment and surveys in date. Your safety is always our priority.

At Sharklady Adventures we are committed to being a responsible and eco-friendly operation. We do not interfere with the sharks and we do not pollute the environment. We offer small exclusive shark cage diving trips and educational tours twice daily. For more information contact us on 028 313 2306 or visit us

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