The Earth is unique, not only because we’re the only (proven) inhabited planet but also because of our incredible oceans. We’re sure by now you’ve heard countless chants of “Save the Ocean!” but often the sad imagery that accompanies it leaves you more likely to turn a blind eye than make a difference.


Have you ever stopped to think why saving our oceans and the conservation of marine life is so important? Well, we’re here to tell you why.


  1. Oxygen – You might know this as the very thing that keeps us alive. While trees and forests are also key in this aspect, as the oceans become polluted and the acidification levels continue to rise; that supply of oxygen we need so badly becomes threatened.
  2. Food – The ocean supplies a major food source to a large majority of the human population. Declining ocean life means less food.
  3. Water – The ocean plays a major role in the water cycle and we need freshwater to survive. How long can the human body last without water, you ask? 3 days! However, it has been recorded that some people have lived for up to 10 days without water but we seriously wouldn’t recommend that.
  4. Transport – A large majority of our goods are transported on boats. No ocean means no boats and no boats means no goods. It’s a vicious cycle and one we won’t survive.
  5. Tourism – Sharklady Adventures itself depends on ocean centered tourism just like many local villages and cities all over the world.


These may seem like obvious points that we’ve laid out for you, but you’d be surprised just how many people have not stopped to think about the impact that they have on marine conservation and saving our oceans.