What an amazing way to end August, a month dedicated to celebrating the great role women play in society. We’re excited to announce that owner of Sharklady Adventures, Kim Maclean, walked away with the Woman of The Year Award at the prestigious Overstrand Municipality’s Night of Excellence held at the Mayoral residence in Hermanus on Tuesday night.

The Annual Night of Excellence is to give recognition to individuals who make a difference in the community of Overstrand by awarding the Mayoral Trophy for Environmental Conservation, the Woman/Women of the Year Award and the Award for Achievers of Excellence.

Kim Maclean, better known as ‘Sharklady’ is someone who strives tirelessly to educate and create awareness of creatures who cannot speak for themselves. She is someone who has made a difference to the lives of a much maligned and misunderstood animal, the great white shark, and has dedicated her life to changing misconceptions and garnering respect for this beautiful apex predator.

The Women of the Year awards were first introduced as part of the annual Women’s Day function and later on, Mayor Nicolette Botha-Guthrie decided to combine the Environmental Awards with the Women of the Year awards and added Awards for Excellence.

Sharklady has been passionate about sharks and other marine creatures since a very early age. After matric, Kim applied to the Department of Sea Fisheries and was accepted as a technical assistant in various sections including demersal, pelagic and southern oceans.

With the main aim to promote awareness about Great White Sharks, Kim is also one of the founders of a conservation trust, The Shark Bay Research Trust.

The trust is dedicated to conducting ground-breaking research on the Great White Sharks and changing the public’s perception of this incredibly misunderstood species.

You can follow their progress on www.sharkbayresearchtrust.org.

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