Shark Cage Diving is one of the things you wouldn’t want to miss when you visit Cape Town. More and more people are overcoming their fear and coming face to face with the majestic Great White Shark. However, shark cage diving has raised several concerns about the safety of sharks and the environment.

At Sharklady Adventures we are committed to being a responsible and eco-friendly operation. We do not interfere with the sharks and we do not pollute the environment. We also comply with the strictest code of conduct and safety for our clients, our boat, and the great white sharks, as laid down by local Marine & Coastal Management.

We had a chat with Kim ‘Sharklady’ Maclean to answer a few questions around the concerns that many people have when it comes to shark cage diving.

  • Do you use chum and is it bad for the environment?

Yes we use chum. It’s made up of natural sardine mashed and mixed with water. This is purely to bring sharks in the immediate surround to our boat, ie from A to B. Most people believe that putting chum in the waters in our area, will be smelt by the sharks in False bay and this will cause them to attack people. This is not true. Chum will only be smelt by a shark if that shark actually swims into the chum slick, which will travel as a film of oil on the surface by the wind and current.

  • Besides affecting the sharks behaviour, does cage diving affect the shark in any way?

Great Whites are free to swim anywhere and whenever they feel. This is the first time where we have a reversed situation of “Who’s in the Zoo”. Even with the chum that brings the sharks to our boat, they may stay around or they may not. The only one concern is how the different operators treat the sharks on the bait rope, should they get hold of it, which we try and prevent.

  • What projects are Sharklady Adventures involved in to protect and educate people about sharks?

The education happens on a daily basis. By taking people out with a fear from their perceptions from the movie JAWS, and showing them the animal in its natural environment is enough education, bringing them back with a realistic view of an Apex Predator. We also give lectures all the time, and hold holiday sessions, especially with children.

  • How does coming to Sharklady contribute positively to shark conservation?

As I pioneered Shark Cage Diving with an educational and passionate approach, clients and locals will leave us having learnt about the animal and the true scientific facts, as we have both myself and Chris as Marine Biologists in our team.

At Sharklady Adventures we are We are dedicated to creating awareness of Great White Sharks through education, especially to the local children who are the future of our country.  Visit us today! For more information you can call +2728 3132306 or visit our website at

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