Why you should come shark cage diving

It’s already half way through the year and you haven’t ticked off everything off your bucket list. Maybe you want to go on that road trip with friends, get your driver’s license and finally face your fears and come face to face with the Great White. Here’s a list of 4 reasons why you should come shark cage diving with us this year.


  1. Get to know the Great White

You will agree with us that getting close to the most beautiful creature is not something you can do every day. Shark cage diving is a once in a life time experience from both above and below the surface. Getting close to this most magnificent apex predator leaves you feeling energized.


  1. We have the coolest crew

Our crew is not only the coolest but they are all experienced on the sea. Sharklady Adventures has invested in their training, so that they too can benefit with additional qualifications to ensure your safety and that of the sharks. Sharklady’s passion has ignited within her staff the same professional feeling that she has, and developed their skills and knowledge working with Great White sharks and cage diving.


  1. We’re situated in the beautiful Gansbaai

Come explore the beautiful Gansbaai which is known as the capital city for the Great White. There’s a lot you can do in Gansbaai besides shark cage diving. Come have fun and create memories whilst you can. According to Gansbaai Tourism, Gansbaai allows you to get away from the business of the city, “let down your hair, kick off your shoes and come to Gansbaai. Get back to basics with warm friendly people to welcome and pamper you. So what makes Gans Bay cool? Simply it’s natural, rugged and unspoilt beauty.” Click here for more activities you can do in Gansbaai, http://ow.ly/Xd3JB


  1. We offer educational tours

We’re not only about fun but we’re all about education too. We also offer educational tours twice a day. This means that our trips are more informative and you’ll have more time in the cage.

At Sharklady Adventures, we are committed to being a responsible and eco-friendly operation. We do not interfere with the sharks and we do not pollute the environment. Sharklady Adventures complies with the strictest code of conduct and safety for our clients, our boat, and the great white sharks, as laid down by local Marine & Coastal Management.