We are dedicated to conducting ground-breaking research on the great white sharks and changing the public perception of this incredibly misunderstood species.

We will encourage public participation in scientific research to raise awareness about not only the great white shark, but of all sharks, and to encourage people to become more invested in their conservation.

We want to give many researchers who are in the early stages of their careers an opportunity to gain experience not only in the data collection and analysis, but also in conveying that information to the general public.



  • To conduct ground-breaking research on the white sharks seen in Gansbaai, South Africa.
  • To change the negative perception of sharks being mindless killers to one where they are viewed as intelligent apex predators necessary for a healthy ecosystem.
  • To increase the public awareness of the plight that sharks around the world are currently facing.
  • To engage the public in helping with scientific research.
  • To give young researchers valuable experience in the field and in expressing scientific ideas and concepts to the general public.




Chris Perkins
Chris Perkins


My name is Chris Perkins. I am originally from the United States, but I moved to South Africa to study the white sharks seen in Gansbaai. From a young age I had a passion for the ocean and sharks in particular. So it was only natural that I end up in South Africa to study the sharks here. I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BSc in Marine Sciences. I am currently studying under Prof. Charles Griffiths at the University of Cape Town for an MSc in Biological Sciences.

I started the Shark Bay Research Trust with Kim and Robert as a way to help fund my research as well as to help change the negative public perception of white sharks to a more positive one, and to raise awareness about the plight that sharks all around the world are facing.

Kim ‘Sharklady’ MacLean
Kim ‘Sharklady’ MacLean

Fundraising & Marketing

For Kim, shark cage diving is not just about the adrenalin of seeing a shark up close…she has made it her life’s mission to create awareness and educate people about all sharks, not just the great white. Owing to massive negative media publicity over the years, sharks have become one of the most maligned, misunderstood, even hated animals on our fragile planet. They have been pursued, hunted and indiscriminately slaughtered over the years to the point where many species are endangered.

Kim has made it her life’s goal to dispel some of the hype and myth and the fear which surrounds these magnificent animals. Kim says, “Even if through our commitment, we only introduce some element of objective perspective to the people whom we come into contact with, then we have at least made some contribution to maintaining the natural balance in at least one ecosystem in our communal home, earth.”